Bedside lamps for each bedroom

Published on December 29, 2022 at 7:22 pm.

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Standing or hanging, minimalist or daring, modern or retro, we are full of ideas with these bedside lamps for all styles.

And as the secret of cozy rooms lie in their lighting? Of course, a good bed is essential for quality sleep. But among the essentials, bedside lamps are essential. Whether the room is small or large, it is impossible to ignore it. In compact spaces, wall lights or pendants that extend to the sleeping area will make it possible to free up space on the bedside tables, or even eliminate them. If you choose table lamps, risk the mismatched card. A modern lamp on one side, a vintage and retro one on the other. Only the final harmony counts. It is created by a discrete link, such as a series of similar colors, shapes that complement each other or identical materials.

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Which lamp for the bedroom?

The lighting in the bedroom should not be neglected. Even if you spend less time there than in the living room or in the kitchen, it is important to take care of it. As in the reception rooms, we think of multiplying the sources. In the middle a ceiling lamp, in a corner a floor lamp and on each side of the bed, the essential bedside lamp. If you choose the suspension option, make sure that the bulb will not blind you when you are lying down. Choose models with frosted glass or those that illuminate the ceiling directly. So equipped, the room will play with the intensities and create different atmospheres. For getting ready or just lounging, all can be lightened, while only the bedside tables will be useful when it’s time to slip under the duvet.

Which lamp to choose for reading in bed?

Your little pleasure is reading a few pages of a book or devouring your favorite decorating magazine snugly in your bed. So, in order not to interfere with your vision and enjoy maximum comfort, you cannot overlook a good bedside lamp. Freestanding, wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling… the possibilities are numerous. What you have to remember is that the light beam must be at eye level, between 95 and 105 cm from the ground. The fixture must therefore protrude approximately 40 to 60 cm from the mattress. Articulated models, such as a reading light, combine aesthetics and functionality. So they are perfect for reading.
If you opt for clean ones, remember to offset them enough so that their light doesn’t shine directly onto the white pages, which will interfere with reading.

What intensity for a bedside lamp?

At bedtime, or when you wake up, the light intensity should be much softer than in everyday life. It allows a delicate transition to quietly dive into the arms of Morpheus or to start the day without stress. In an adult bedroom, it is then recommended to use a 15 W light bulb (300 lumens). For even more comfort, touch or dimmer lamps are good solutions to create various atmospheres.
The lampshade also plays an important role. Too small or too narrow, and the light will be more discreet, or even insufficient.

The most beautiful bedside lamps

Once the technical considerations are over, indulge yourself by choosing the bedside lamp that best suits your style.

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