All about Morgane Sézalory, creator of emotion at Sézane

Marie Claire: In 2020, you obtained B Corp certification, which crowns corporate social and environmental responsibility. What are your ambitions in terms of ecology?

Morgane Sezalory: This certification is one label among others, but it is not an end in itself. We are one of the brands most committed to environmental responsibility and we are always striving to improve. At the moment, our efforts are very much focused on the procurement of raw materials such as linen or silk, for example. But our priority remains the promise of durability which we refine again and again within our quality department where everything is hyper tested, controlled. Here again you need to know how to arbitrate intelligently: is an eco-responsible material legal if it doesn’t hold up over time? The consequences of com do not interest us, the most important thing is actually the relationship of trust that we establish with our customers.

Our priority remains the promise of durability, but is an eco-responsible material legitimate if it doesn’t last over time? The consequences of com do not interest us.

MC: After women’s and men’s fashion, are you interested in other worlds?

MS: I will be launching the first part of my new lifestyle project in the spring, Components. I have been working on it for years, but unlike Sézane, which was created spontaneously, I wanted to take the time to reflect. Design and decor inspire me tremendously and I hunt around a lot. What attracts me in a piece of furniture is not the signature, but for example an extraordinary material such as the wooden glasses of this secretary or the detail of its slanted corners. With Les Componentes, I would like to contribute to protecting the beauty and richness of decorative skills so that they can be passed on to future generations. This will translate into artist residency, but also the publication of objects and furniture, selections of antique pieces and decoration of places as well, which I am already doing with the Sézane apartments. I think I have a very strong sensitivity to space, a faculty of empathy that allows me to understand how people will feel well there. Until now, I haven’t had time to respond to hotel and restaurant decoration projects, but today I feel ready!

MC: How do you see yourself in 10 years?

MS: I would still like to feel the enthusiasm of the first day of Sézane! I also think about the child a lot. When I see my daughter’s spontaneous reaction to color, I tell myself that a dedicated collection will have its place. Recently, I brought her a size XS sweater in her favorite shade, orange-red, from the office. So far it looks more like a dress on her, but it made me think a lot about how children can intuitively play with fashion. Many things are also happening in the United States, where many of my closest associates are settling. Continuing to embody the French style abroad for the next ten years will be a big challenge, right?

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