Alizée reveals the interior of her lavish house in Corsica: Internet users have won!

At 38, Alizée is the proud mother of two daughters. Annily (17), fruit of her love with Jérémy Chatelain and Maggy, born of her current marriage to Grégoire Lyonnet, met a professional dancer during her participation in “Dance with the Stars”. For his beauty, the dancer also left the Paris region and all this beautiful little world lives in Corsica in a beautiful family home.

A few days ago, Alizée also revealed rare images of the interior of her home on Instagram. Indeed, the singer posed with her dog in front of a large, beautifully decorated library. We fell in love with Grégoire […] The quality is amazing, and most importantly, the assembly is incredibly easy! No screws, the system is truly revolutionary, you can create the model you want, the size you want with the color you like!” she wrote in the caption of the photo to praise the merits of the furniture of the Tylko brand.

Internet users very attentively rushed to compliment the mother on the decoration of her interior: “I love home decor. It is very comfortable and the colors are very striking and very beautiful“,”Pretty“,”I really like. Furthermore, the photos are very well done.“,”beautiful alizee“,”You have chosen the right color“,”Magnificent photos accompanied by the beauty of Alizée … by the way, the carriage of the haunted house, I love it for my collection“we can read for example.


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