A hotel with an unusual concept arrives in downtown Nancy

A Stendhal-themed literary hotel will open its doors next to Nancy Cathedral in early 2024, replacing the Hôtel des Prélats, here's what you need to know.
A Stendhal-themed literary hotel will open its doors next to Nancy Cathedral in early 2024, replacing the Hôtel des Prélats. Here’s what you need to know. (© Google Maps)

End bang for thehotel of the Prelate of Nancy, located next to the Notre-Dame-de-l’Annonciation Cathedral. It will be replaced by a literary hotel which should open early 2024. It will have the distinction of being dedicated to the writer Stendhal.

Literary hotels to put writers in the spotlight

The concept is not yet widely known to the general public. Yet the six existing hotels of the association of literary hotels seems to be a great success, according to customer reviews, left via Google.

Three literary hotels are already in Paris on the themes ofArthur Rimbaud, Marcel Ayme and Marcel Proust. Three other hotels, located at Biarritz, Clermont Ferrand and Mourn are respectively dedicated to Jules Verne, Alexandre Vialatte and Gustave Flaubert.

“These authors all have one thing in common: I especially like them”, confides Jacques Letertre, president of the association of literary hotels, before adding: “The most important thing is that the hotel must tell a story, makes you want something. I, the passion of my lifeit’s the books, that’s why I created these places”.

A hotel dedicated to Stendhal in Nancy for early 2024

Early 2024, approx February or March, the company will open a new hotel in Nancy and it will be dedicated to Stendhal: “We want you to love books in general and Stendhal in particular. Many have not read this author since high school,” explains Jacques Letertre.

The hotel will be dedicated to Stendhal in Nancy because I passionately love Lucien Leuwen (Stendhal novel). The character is very endearing, he is the idea we have of the romantic hero. I’m sure we’re going to tell a lot of people about Nancy that one of Stendhal’s novels is set in Nancy.

Jacques LetertrePresident of the Society of Literary Hotels

One novel character per room

And to make customers read, the president pulls out all the stops with decoration, atmosphere, rare objects, or even a library with approx. 500 works by Stendhal including translations of the works into various languages. Places to organize cultural events will also be created.

In the future hotel in Nancy, there will be 41 rooms, and each of them will correspond to a character from one of Stendhal’s novels. “In every room there will be a watercolor depicting the character with an explanatory text”, describes Jacques Letertre.

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On the price side, the president wants to be careful: “The hotel industry has changed completely in the last fifteen years. It’s like an airplane, the room we painfully sell in January at 80 euroswe can sell it 250 euros sometimes. This is the problem of the price policy which depends closely on supply and demand. I am hopeful that Nancy is more and more a city with a strong tourist appealespecially with the hydrotherapy that will be put in place”.

More than a million euros worth of work

The institution will a four star hotel. So, some work are required. They will start in about a month. “There will be no major works, the building is healthy. We go air conditioning on all floors and redo the bathrooms“, indicates the president promising to customers” A journey through time“. Cost of work: between 1.2 million and 1.5 million euros.

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