A Feng Shui Color Guide

As humans, we are visual creatures. And because sight is typically the most important of all our senses, colors affect us deeply. We see color, and color vibrates energy.

Colors also connect us with metaphors and images. Humans are lovers of light, like all living beings that strive for and evolve towards the light. That is why we are strongly influenced by color, because colors are literally vibrations of light.

Keep in mind that different cultures view colors differently. For example, in China, a grieving family wears white, while Westerners usually wear black. You may also have your own specific color combinations, which you should respect!

In this color review we are going to look at colors from a feng shui perspective. You can use this guide to choose colors for walls, furniture, artwork, throw pillows and other home accessories. Color is a powerful and quick way to start shifting your energy with feng shui.

  • green and blue

    Green, blue and teal are linked to the wood element. These colors inspire rejuvenation, growth and new beginnings. It is a very active energy, like a germ that grows from a seed and comes out of the ground. These colors connect us with the restorative energy of nature. Think of the canopy of a tree that protects us. Vivid blues connect us with the vast and spacious sky.

  • purple and violet

    A combination of fiery red and spacious blue leads to violet and crimson, which are related to the crown chakra. In feng shui, these colors inspire and invite abundance and royalty. Purple is linked to wealth, prosperity and self-esteem.

  • Yellow, orange and brown

    Earthy, neutral colors like yellow, orange and brown nourish and support us. If you need a little nurturing and help, earth tones are the way to go. Think of Mother Earth and how soil can enrich and nourish plants and trees. The earth also absorbs the things we need to get rid of. For example, as in the process of composting or decomposition, the earth can take what is no longer needed and turn it into something fertile.

  • White

    There are many shades of white, and in feng shui they symbolize purity and accuracy. White is related to the metal element and inspires clear vision, clarity and purification. White is also recommended for kitchens, as it is a perfect canvas for the vibrant colors of fresh foods. As with most things, balance is also important. Too much white can be lifeless, too yin.

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  • Grey

    Gray is a mixture of white and black, like yin and yang. White is clarity, while black is wisdom. Gray relates to the helpful people and travel area of ​​the bagua feng shui chart. If you need support or want to travel more, this is an ideal color to use.

  • Dark blue

    Dark blue is related to self-knowledge and skill in feng shui. Consider looking up at the vast night sky, calm and peaceful. This color helps you cultivate yourself and gain understanding.

  • Red

    The most auspicious color in feng shui, the power of red is obvious. Red can be used to invite prosperity, well-being and happiness. Red is associated with fiery energy, fame and passion. Don’t be afraid to add a little red to your home to inspire and revitalize you.

  • Black

    Wisdom is invoked with the color black. If you mix all the colors of the rainbow, you get black. Therefore, black is inclusive and contains the knowledge of all things. The color black is also related to the water element. The water is wide and deep. It flows, connects and gives life. Use black sparingly and wisely to open your home to more wisdom. Black is also one of the lucky feng shui colors for the year of the Water Tiger.

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  • Pink

    Pink is a softer color that can invite connecting and empathic energy. Pink can invite partnerships and love and help cultivate self-care in your life. Pink is a great color to add to your home if you are looking for a romantic relationship or want to work on your relationship with yourself.

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