9 inspiring products for an ultra trendy children’s room!

The children’s rooms is a true playground for decorative signs ! With likes of animal motifs and objects that are cuter than each other, designers compete withingenuity. Discover us selection of inspiring objects to improve your children’s rooms!

9 inspiring products for an ultra trendy children’s room!

The interior decoration for children also appears creative than the limitless imagination of the toddlers for whom it is intended. Here are some products unearthed from essential decorating brands. Let yourself be carried away by this selection that will instantly take you back to childhood :

  • a tipi tent: this lightweight tent is perfect for children looking for freedom and adventure. It offers children the opportunity to create an enchanted bubble that isolates them and allows them develop their inner world.
  • a cover of pillow maritime: the marine world is a timeless source of inspiration for children’s decor. They are fans of sea creatures, so what better than putting them on a pillow cover to lull them into a deep dream!
  • a chest of storage : This wicker rush storage cabinet is ideal for hiding your children’s toys and keeping a few organization inside the room.
  • a plaid teddy bear: two in one, this bear can be used both as a teddy, but also as a soft and comforting plaid.
  • a painting with the animals of the forest: this painting fits in perfectly with a child’s room thanks to its soft and neutral colors. Pedagogical and playful, it also allows the youngest to learn the most important animals that inhabit the forest.
  • a wreath with sheep: this animal garland with its little sheep is to die for. You can install it above your child’s bed, as a Headboard.
  • a balloon lampshade: with its hot air balloon shape this lampshade lets you a original decor with finesse.
  • a library by thehygge spirit : this natural wood shelf with a checkered back goes with all decor styles. It consists of five shelves and is spacious enough to house books and decorative objects of all kinds.
  • a cat bed set: with her pastel colors and his signature cat, this bedding set is totally adorable.

Children’s room 2023: What are the emerging trends?

Every year, from new decorative trends emerge. For the children’s rooms, bet on natural materialssuch as rattan, wood, rushes or raffia to create a cocooning atmosphere. The trend is to clean rooms, like that of adults eventually. So it is no question of overloading them but contrary to clean them as much as possible. It must obviously remain a children’s room and not a catalog image. The decor should be harmonized but she must reflect your personality and especially that of your child.

How to smartly decorate a child’s room?

Like the room will not be for youthe decoration is much more delicate. So that the decoration appeals to the most important stakeholders, listen carefully to your children’s requests make sure they are achievable. Keep the simple ones to make and avoid the wildest ideas not to give false hope to your offspring. Elected bright and timeless colors while taking into account the tastes of your children. The territory is also a criterion that should not be overlooked. If you’re short on space, consider a bunk bed with a desk below and storage and optimize space at most.

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