6 inspiring ideas for decorating a wall behind a wood stove

In addition to diffuse constant and gentle heatthe wood stove has undeniable deodorant potential. Gray or black and quite compact, it adapts to all interior styles and all surfaces. Here’s how to optimize your wood stove to make you warm and harmonious living room.

6 inspiring ideas for decorating a wall behind a wood stove

Of many solutions is available to you decorate the wall behind you wood stove. You can choose from this list according to you needs and yours cravings :

  • staff : this material consisting of paste and fiberglass is ideal for the wall section near the stove. You can keep it raw or paint it to make it more personal.
  • A 3D or decorative panel : it adds cachet and instantly personalizes a wall. It is a fairly economical solution and which allows enjoy faced with the multitude of patterns and materials. Animal, Jungle and Material Effects: There is something for every taste!
  • Terracotta briquettes : they allowabsorb heat produced by the wood stove while adding a wacky edge retro to everyone.
  • Enameled glass : it absorbs and radiates heat diffuselyeven when the stove is off.
  • Of the bricks : or it goes over natural bricks or a polyurethane brick effectallow this optionisolate the heat wall. The icing on the cake: the bricks will add a lofty spirit plugged into your living room.
  • wood : recycled or natural, wooden panels create an atmosphere cocooning. You immediately become like a Proust madeleine in a ultra soothing mountain chalet.

How far should a wood stove be placed from the wall?

Before you ask this question, you should know this wood stove installation must be made by a professional so that the safety standards is respected. The recommendation is to install the stove a distance corresponding to three times the diameter of the chimney flue. It is right to check with the installer because this standard varies according to the model in question. Remember that you should always a minimum of 37.5 centimeters between the stove and the wall. If you don’t have enough space, you can install protective wall covering. It is a thermal plate consisting of an insulator andtin foil or steel. This way you can gain ten centimeters!

What colors should be mixed to dress the wall behind the wood stove?

If the choice of fire resistant materials is somewhat limited, as far as colors go, almost anything is possible! To do bring out a dark wood stovechoose for bold colors, such as red or a bright yellow. bet on a section of the wall which will assume one of these colors so as not to make errors of taste. For those who prefer something more discreetyou can dress up your wall with a shades of gray.

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