5+ Reusable Party Hacks to Test at Full Speed!

You know what I love about IKEA? You can reuse almost any object and give it a different function. Recently, many of us have gotten into the bad habit of buying something and getting rid of it pretty quickly. It’s a waste of money and, frankly, a very bad investment. This year’s IKEA Christmas collection is amazing and so practical! You can not only decorate the house in the spirit of Christmas, but also later reuse everything and create a hygge paradise. Owl, huh? Do you want to know how? Keep reading to discover great IKEA 2022 Christmas hacks!

IKEA Christmas hacks: 4+ magical hacks to discover at full speed!

ikea Christmas 2023

Gingerbread cookies, hot chocolate, cuddly pillows and warm blankets… The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us and I’m very excited! This year I got into Christmas decorating trends. I love the news collection of IKEA Christmas 2022, but I asked myself before I bought anything, “Am I going to use this after the holidays are over?” “. I thought, I looked at the website and the products and I saw it … And yes! In effect ! Ikea always creates its products with something in mind. Which means that you can reuse them and another can find use for it. That’s what the IKEA hack (or IKEA hacks) is. So if you’re curious what you’re going to do with your new Christmas decorations after the New Year, keep scrolling! In fact, you can also take a look at the H&M Christmas 2022 Collection, because they also have decorations and super practical items! Let’s go for IKEA Christmas tips!

Tree Ikea 2022

Then the STRÅLA string light can be installed absolutely anywhere, because it is battery powered. Its flower shape is perfect for a more casual or more elegant Christmas tree. It costs €12.99 and can be reused after Christmas if…

ikea christmas wreath

…a plain decorative wreath for any room you want. It’s white, it’s floral and most of all it fits in the hygge decoration !

ikea Christmas 2022

This STRÅLA LED garland is super cute! In fact, the shiny bears will make your tree look endearing and charming. It costs €9.99 and can be used…

Christmas decoration ikea 2022

… in the child’s roomto hang above the desk or the bed!

ikea candle light

The candle lights that cocoon because the tree is hypnotic. And many of us put them away in a box sometime after Christmas. If you don’t have the space above your window to create a beautiful imaginary fairytale type portal to the outside… Or anywhere on the wall. So why not take that old clear jar and put it there? It acts like a lamp, looks like a lantern and gives off an ethereal atmosphere. Personally, I love the STRÅLA wreath (€14.99)!

IKEA Christmas hack: reusable tree?

ikea black friday

Are you a minimalist? Do you hate the idea of ​​buying a big Christmas tree that, in addition to your bank account, will take up a lot of space in your apartment or house? And why not buy this VINTERFINT wall mounted Christmas tree for just €9.99 which you can easily decorate with a few balls and a wreath. And after December, you can continue to use it as…

IKEA hack Christmas

… a Wall shelf in the form of a pyramid where you can place your favorite photos!

IKEA Christmas tips: jars and baskets

IKEA hack Christmas 2022

These handmade straw WINTERFINT decorations are magical! And their price is €5.99 for the set of 8. But what can you do with them, except hang them on the tree? You can get sticks outside and put them in the VARDAGEN transparent jar (€4.99). So, for those who want a small, inexpensive Christmas tree or just a magical decoration, this is an easy way to do it!

ikea hack

By the way, you can also use it to make Christmas landscapes! And when the season is over… It will keep your cookies well protected and fresh!

basket ikea

Last but not least IKEA Christmas hacks is this VINTERFINT basket (€4.99) which you can use to put your potpourri, store sweets or bread… Another great idea? If you have too many balls and not enough space on the tree, put them in this basket and place them in the center of your table. Indeed, it will look festive and cute! And before I forget: you can wrap your favorite small towels in buns and put them as floats in the basket.

Reusable Christmas wrapping paper

IKEA bag

The VINTERFINT bag (€2.99) is marketed as ideal for carrying gifts. The eco-maniac (heh) which I thought would be best used as a wrapping paper on its own! Listen to me! As soon as you wrap the presents nicely, they are thrown away so much later. Actually, that’s money that went straight to the trash! So if you want to be eco-friendly, save money and give your loved one something useful… This is for you!

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