5 magical ideas to transform your walls at a low price!

What is bohemian style? It is suitable for people who are free-spirited and do not conform to the norms of society. However, it has become more mainstream over the years and has taken on a more ethnic vibe. Although in the beginning there were no rules, today the boho style is represented by soft materials, macrame, ceramics, jute, wood and so on… If you like this style of decoration and your home at a lower cost want to renovate, we are here to give you a hand! If you’re curious, keep reading to discover five and more aesthetically beautiful bohemian wall decor ideas that are not only trendy, but also inexpensive!

Bohemian wall decoration: 5 magical ideas

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Are your walls looking dull? Do you feel that something is missing? You don’t know where to start and what to buy to get it boho chic style ? Well, we bring you five great ideas that we hope will inspire you to breathe some life into your home. To find these items at low prices, we suggest visiting flea markets (go early in the morning, the competition is fierce!), at Emmaus, It’s two euros, etc. Otherwise, if you live in a big city and you are far enough from these places, you can try your luck at Primark, Hema and Sostrene Grene. Especially the latter because of its cozy accessories! These stores offer beautiful, inexpensive decorations that will look absolutely fantastic in your home. Okay, enough talking! Let’s dive together!

Decoration idea with poster

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Posters can be quite expensive, especially if you want originals. But we’re not here to overspend, we’re here to save money and have great decor in the process. The cheapest option for you is to print the poster you want to put on your wall and get a frame from one of the places we mentioned above. Another option is to browse the book market, as sellers often offer vintage posters at low prices.

wall macrame

wall decoration for living room

macrame had its heyday in the late 60s and early 70s when the hippie movement was at its peak. Many of the decorations, clothes and accessories were made using various materials like cotton twine, jute, hemp and yarn and it was all the rage! The macrame wall decoration is perfect if you like to have a hippie atmosphere at home and bring a little more softness to your interior.

Wooden wall decoration

wall wood decoration

If you have old furniture lying around or pallets and want to find a use for them, why not turn them into a bohemian wall decoration? Here is an example ofWall shelf which also serves as decoration? Its triangular shape is not the most practical, as it does not allow you to store many things, but you can decorate it with a plant or some books. And the end result will be amazing!

wooden hanging decoration

And the branches? Do you have fallen branches in your garden? Why not make a DIY project and put it on your wall? Bonus points if you find a use for it, like these earring holders!

Mirror decoration idea

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Mirrors can be a very creative way to give the illusion of space and diffuse light in the room. The location of the mirror is also essential because it will reflect everything you have in front of it. So make sure it’s something nice to look at, and not just a blank wall or a bunch of wires. They come in all shapes and sizes and you can pick up some great vintage treasures at the flea market.

Ethnic decoration of the living room: pottery

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Who needs to decorate his wall with terracotta that breaks easily when you can choose this magnificent ethnic decoration in jute? You can make your own by following tutorials on YouTube and you can even use different materials. The key is to make it fun, trendy and put your own spin on it.

Photo gallery: bohemian wall decor

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Scandinavian bohemian decor: invite hygge into your home.

bohemian wall decor

Posters are cheaper than paintings and will liven up your interior!

Bohemian bedroom wall decor

Embrace the bohemian chic living room decor trend now!

bohemian living room decor

Here is an example of a maximalist bohemian interior design 2022.

bohemian decor idea

Choose warm colors to create a cozy atmosphere.

deco trend 2022 bedroom

Another bohemian style wall decoration idea.

kitchen wall decor

What a wonderful splash of earthy colors!

bohemian wall decor to do yourself

Bohemian Chic Wall Decor: Create Your Own Artistic Mess!

bohemian chic wall decor

Bohemian Wall Decor: Print Your Own Posters!

bohemian chic decor

DeaVita wishes you a wonderful day!

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