Decorating our living room without a predetermined plan is a common measure. Our home can quickly become cluttered and chaotic, so it is important to arrange furniture and accessories in a structured way.

Place the furniture against the walls

Place your furniture against the walls clutter up the space. To avoid this, place the furniture in the middle of the room. For example, grouping the armchairs around a coffee table creates excellent circulation and an ideal place for conversation.

Own too many decorative pillows

The abundance of pillows having too many patterns and sloppy colors on an armchair or sofa makes the room look messy and chaotic. To overcome this, use only two pillows on each side of a sofa.

Place photos and mirrors randomly

When mirrors and paintings are hung haphazardly, it gives a messy look to a room. Before you post it, visualize the whole and draw up a plan!

Too many decorations

Fill the surfaces with decorations make the room very messy. Sort and post only what you absolutely love, delete the rest.

too many colors

Decorate with too many colors is a guarantee to give your living room a disheveled and disheveled appearance. Make room for neutrality or just two colors per room.

Thanks to all its tricks, your room will be clean and clutter-free!