4 inspiring ideas to enlarge your walls!

Organization can be fun! Whether you’re looking for creative storage solutions out of necessity or decorative desire, this article can help you find unique pieces you won’t find at your local furniture store. I offer you 4 ideas to adopt an original wall shelf for books! Wonderfully distinctive ranging from ultra-modern choices for minimalist or industrial interiors to charmingly rustic options for cottage styles and Scandinavian-inspired homes. Don’t let your books languish on the shelf. Discover home library ideas that will give your hardcover and paperback books the attention they deserve.

wall shelf for books original home deco design

Finding room for all your stuff is no small feat, especially if you’re a bookshelf lover. If you’re an avid reader, you probably have a pretty impressive collection of books that you’re not ready to put down. But with the perfect book storage idea, you can continue to expand your library without any problems. Libraries are always beautiful because they are full of books. But this article is dedicated to particularly beautiful shelves, and shelves so beautiful and original that they almost steal the show from the bundles themselves. Here are some great ideas for storing your books to inspire your next renovation or simply inspire a little dreaming.

Wall shelf for original asymmetrical books

wall shelf books original idea deco library living room bedroom home storage

Take a traditional bookshelf, flip it, and you have something like this wall at the Brown TLV Hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s certainly not the best way to store precious volumes because it’s bad for the back, but the unexpected angle creates an eye-catching setting that keeps your eye on the most important thing: the books. Keep in mind that books do best at room temperature with low humidity, not in direct sunlight. Dusting them and wiping them with a cloth occasionally will prevent a build-up of dust and the likelihood of insects feasting on them. Create this original space with a few shelves asymmetrically attached to the wall, depending on the size of the space you want to arrange. Choose whether you want a full wall or just a few shelves to decorate your living room or another bedroom.

Furniture that is reused as shelves for your books!

original storage bookcase furniture deco design home

Odd nooks and crannies often lend themselves to the best book storage ideas. No one says books should be stored in a library. Do you have an old piece of furniture lying around that you want to repurpose? See if there is a way to like your favorite book titles. i like this original storage idea of books, because you don’t have to fix the shelf to the wall, but you can just glue your small piece of furniture to the wall. Trust your creativity and imagine a reading nook that will suit your comfort and your habits. Make this quirky DIY bookshelf idea, you can start an expression of your style in no time.

Original and minimalist wall shelf for your books!

book tower shelf minimalist color design living room storage

Interior designer Cathie Hong of Hong Interiors created a minimalist library in the corner of a sunny California living room by pairing a large, sculptural, freestanding book tower with a sleek armchair in front of the windows that provide a place to be . read with minimal fuss. You can also lean a ladder against a wall and stack books on the rungs in the same creative way. Repurpose a find for you vintage living room decor or minimalists that serve more decorative than utilitarian purposes. Replace the book tower with a 1950s metal bedside table, and you’ll have an original shelf that can be attached to the bottom of your wall. Paint the shelves white to highlight the colors of the books and emphasize the minimalist side.

faux fireplace book storage

book storage deco home original ideas library space

A fireplace is a real generator of comfort and warmth. It’s a focal point in any room, even if it doesn’t work or look fake. do you have one No problem, you can style it in a very cool way so that it becomes a centerpiece of your room again. Today we discuss how to use a fireplace for book storage, check it out! While non-functional fireplaces are always beautiful architectural features, it can be difficult to know what to actually do with them. Take inspiration from this cozy Brooklyn studio, whose residents have filled their homes with books. Consider turning your books inside out, as shown here, for a more minimalist aesthetic and cohesive palette. Make sure that the books can be removed and put down freely, without damaging them and piling up.

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