3 beautiful inspirations to decorate your Christmas table

Holiday table: inspiration for this winter

A festive breakfast with La Romaine Éditions.

A festive breakfast with La Romaine Éditions

You can’t refuse to take time for a festive breakfast. With the release of his new “Le Matin” collection, La Romaine editions invites you to return to calmness and softness around a privileged moment with your loved ones. On the table, beautiful embroidered place mats, viennoiseries in an earthenware bowl signed Dieulefit and decorated with birds or even a boiled egg served in an organic egg cup by the ceramicist Sofia de Moser Leitao; steaming coffee is ready to be served in handmade cups in the Puglia. A variety of poetic and delicate pieces for a perfect breakfast, subdued by the lighting of a Boris de Beijer blown glass chandelier.

To be found at La Romaine Editions, www.laromaine-editions.com

The festive table of Pierre Marie x Monoprix.

Ornamental, chic and maximalist, the art of the table is in the spotlight with this new Monoprix capsule collection signed by decorator Pierre Marie. A combination of spicy colors, floral and braid patterns, but also golden details, decorate everything needed to put together a sumptuous festive table: a tablecloth, a salt and pepper shaker, a server, crockery with ‘ a carafe and exclusive glasses, dinner, soup and dessert plates, a tray… Enough to transpose the inimitable universe rich in patterns and colors of Pierre Marie and his house into your home Parisian apartment.

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