15 ideas to adopt it in your interior decoration

Cacti decoration
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Why fall for the cactus?

The dominant trend in recent years is to invite nature into the home. And the best way to do that, of course, is to adopt indoor plants. Only, here it is: not everyone necessarily has a green thumb! The cactus has the particularity of being extremely robust. It adapts very well to drought. Top, if you often forget to water your plants!

Combine color and cactus to create a specific atmosphere

The cactus also spontaneously evokes arid lands, and more specifically the desert. You can play it up in your interior by combining cactus and color to create a specific atmosphere: Indigo blue for a Mediterranean spirit, cumin color for a chic ethnic inspiration or terracotta for a farm decor.

A minimalist decor to enhance the cacti
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The Cactaceae family (or Cactaceae) also has an impressive variety of species. Contrary to popular belief, not all cacti have thorns. On the other hand, they all display particularly interesting graphic shapes. So they are canon in a minimalist decor or in a very refined contemporary interior.

The cactus, a must for retro decorating
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The cactus has always been very popular, but it experienced an impressive wave of popularity during the 1970s. So it’s the perfect little detail to put the finishing touches on a retro decoration – especially because it is precisely the decoration of the Seventies that is very trendy this year.

Which cactus to adopt?

The good idea is to determine where you will install your cactus before you even get it. This will allow you to determine which variety to choose.

Choose the right cactus according to its location
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Depending on the intended location, you can choose a cactus that presents an upright silhouette, or a hanging variety. Some cacti are very tall, so you can give in to the tendency of XXL plants !

A cactus with thorns to keep your pet away
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Many varieties of cacti are poisonous. If you want to keep your pets at bay, choose a variety with thorns, such as the Euphorbia Cactus, recognizable by its candlestick silhouette that made it an icon of the American Wild West.

Dwarf cacti, The Discreet Plant Touch

Dwarf cacti (or minicacti) have the distinction of staying small. They are therefore ideal for decorating a shelf, the coffee table in the living room or for putting together a terrarium.

Where to install your cactus at home?

Cacti are not difficult: they are satisfied with a very sunny location. As long as they have good light, you can install them wherever suits you.

Cacti on windowsills

Cacti are of course very beautiful decor for windowsills. These are even the varieties that should be preferred, because if many flowers and indoor plants appreciate the sun, they are just as much to fear direct exposure to its rays. With cacti there is nothing to be afraid of on that side!

A Graphic Reading Corner
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Very compact, cacti are easily placed on a piece of furniture or on a shelf, even in a fairly small space. They are therefore ideal for decorating a reading corner or for give character to a bathroom modest in size!

A Cactus Xxl The smart option
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The large format cactus is not only beautiful: it is also particularly smart to decorate a narrow section of the wall or to decorate a lost corner!

Choose the right cactus container
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In small or large format, we take care to choose the container. Adopting a cactus can be an opportunity toadopt terracotta in the decor. It is a simple and effective solution, but which always has its small effect, especially in a rustic interior. The basket is another very safe option, especially in the bohemian living room. In artistic decorwe prefer a nice flower pot in it ceramic.

    Put The Cactus On A Pedestal

To display your cactus, be tempted by the free-standing planter or raise it on a pedestal. In rattan or in metal, these accessories bring a very contemporary touch to your interior!

Alternatives to real cactus

If you suffer from a real incompatibility with indoor plants, including the strongest plants, don’t panic! You can find a number of pretty hot and very trendy “faux” cacti.

Ceramic or porcelain cacti

The artificial cactus? Unless you are investing in a very convincing model, it is better to forget. On the other hand, we fall for the ceramic version without hesitation.

Porcelain Cactus A Collection
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Our favorite is the cactus-shaped porcelain vase. If it can be self-sustaining, the ideal is to place fresh flowers there. Then favor pink, red, yellow or orange varieties, which evoke the flower of a real cactus.

A water hyacinth cactus
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A fake cactus that stays natural is possible: all you have to do is adopt a model made of a plant fiber, such as water hyacinth.

A colorful glass cactus
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To decorate the window or to sublimate the table of a living room equipped with a bay window, we put a cactus that catches the light, in colored glass. Especially since it is one of hottest material of the year !

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