10 inspiring wall decoration ideas for every room in the house!

A wall of frames brings a personal touch to any room, whether it’s popular ideas for the living room or more creative display walls for the bathroom, the possibilities are endless. In this article, discover 10 ideas for wall decoration with frames to add unique visual interest to any interior space.

Wall of frames above the sofa

frame wall above bench

Anchor your living room display wall idea by placing it on the wall above the couch, which will naturally be the focal point of most living room layouts. When hanging artwork, the general rule is that the center of the picture should be at eye level. In rooms where people usually sit, such as the living room or dining room, artwork and picture frames should be hung a little lower.

Decorate the wall in the hallway

corridor frames wall

Consider making an elegant first impression by creating a framed wall in your hallway. Narrow corridors and stairs are often left quite empty, so this is the perfect place for wall decoration, as it will make your interior more interesting, without unnecessary clutter.

Frame wall in gray scale

deco living room frames

An eclectic display of black and white artwork adds just the right amount of visual interest to a strictly neutral color scheme in this modern living room and helps accentuate decorative items.

Fireplace mantel decoration with frames

deco mantel fireplace frame

Try a more casual layout and group artwork and other favorites on a shelf or mantel rather than hanging them on the wall – this makes it easier for you to change the display and add new finds as you go. Start by placing your tallest photos on the wall, arranging larger objects behind shorter ones to create an interesting backdrop, and filling in the gaps here and there with smaller ornaments.

Follow the design rule of 3 frames on a bedroom wall

3 frames on bedroom wall

A trick that stylists and designers often use when putting together a project is the rule of three, where odd groupings look more natural and work better together than even groups. It can work with objects, colors, materials, wall art, and interestingly, lighting ideas for the kitchen. For best effect, make sure the layout is strictly symmetrical, with photos hung horizontally in three rows and evenly spaced.

Spread wall alignment with picture frames to create interest

wall decor artwork

Use your display wall alignment to draw the eye. Even if you choose to hang the frames in an even number, you can still create interest by choosing an alternative layout, with a synchronized bottom line, but with different sized frames and an uneven layout. This good example is a smart wall that draws the eye into the room, allowing the view outside to focus on the opposite side. The layout balances the room and its surroundings.

Frame all artwork in gold

gold frames deco vintage living room

Mix and match your favorite artworks, regardless of style or era, and display them in similar gold frames. It will create a vintage and very chic decor, ideal to combine with furniture and decorative items ancient. In this room, the owners hung a wall of artwork from the couple’s collection above a decidedly feminine Italian goldwood sofa.

Double two abstract paintings

trendy living room wall decor idea

Two massive canvases fill the large wall of this signature contemporary living room. The rough coats of crisp white paint pop against the cream-painted walls, while remaining neutral, allowing the peach and navy accents to keep the colors in the lead role.

Wall decoration with frames in the bathroom

bathroom wall decor

The idea of ​​a display wall is not only for trade shows and not bedrooms. The bathroom can be the ideal space to accommodate a more personal touch. Whether it’s family photos or a wall gallery of mirrors and artwork, a plain bathroom wall is all about decoration. Using different media is a great way to add interest to a display wall and can demonstrate an eye for detail. As long as there is an overall sense of cohesion, play around and experiment with different pieces. Mixing materials brings depth, and the inclusion of reflective accessories and mirrors can break up large layouts by giving the illusion of extra space.

Fill in an empty wall in the kitchen

kitchen frame wall idea

The works of art Displays in an even number, such as a pair or a multiple of two, look best when hung symmetrically as part of a larger geometric shape, such as a square or rectangle. Use identical frames and supports for a unified look, and maintain close spacing between paintings so they appear to be part of a group rather than isolated.

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