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I don’t know how to say this…

So I’m just going to say it like ripping off a band-aid. This past week, I made the decision to ask my husband to leave after 11.5 years of marriage. I had found out for the third time over the past year and a half of his unfaithfulness and deceit towards me and our family. Words cannot begin to describe the agony and the despair of my heart. Because my children do not have the biblical leader as a father that I thought they originally had. And, because he was my best friend and only confidant, and this level of betrayal is unlike anything I could possibly try to describe. I have read Psalm 55 over and over and rest in the Lord’s comfort. Verse 22 says, “Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.”

Source: via Miriam on Pinterest

I want to say that I am so very sorry to each and every one of you whom we personally know for how his betrayal and hypocrisy has hurt you. My heart aches, not just for myself and my children, but also for each of you.

I’m not sure when I will stop crying. I’m not sure if/how I’ll be able to trust again. I’m not sure how I am going to raise four children on my own. But one thing I’m sure of, is the Truth of God’s Word — That “His mercies are new every morning”, and that “His grace is sufficient for me”.

Of course, my ultimate prayer is for my husband’s repentance and restoration to the Lord who he has first sinned against. It will be a long road and I truly do care for his salvation. And although we are separating, I want him to be that man for his children.

Why do you ask am I typing this in a blog post? Because this is my life. And for those of you who know our family, I want you to hear this news from me and hear my heart. Everything is out in the open by now. And maybe just maybe there is a woman out there who would seek comfort knowing that she is not alone. My hope and trust is in the Lord and He is my strength! May the Lord be glorified in all things, even through this trial. This is my heart. I am broken.
Lots of love,

Special Delivery

I’M ALIVE! Okay, so it’s been ages since I’ve posted, let alone done any sort of DIY project. And here it goes… I’m pregnant! Again! I bet you’re saying to yourself: “Didn’t she just have a baby?” Yes, yes I did. Titus James was born March 19, 2012 and the new baby is due March 1, 2013. We were definitely surprised to be pregnant again so soon, but we are absolutely more than ecstatic! And yes, a little crazy :)



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My first trimester was a little rough this time around and I found myself on the couch a lot! Sometimes, it’s perfectly okay to throw your hands up and surrender. I promise, it’s okay. My energy is starting to return and I’m ready to get back on track. So now, as I try to piece my home back together, I have a new resolve for the next year or so. It’s time to finish what I’ve started. I have so many projects that have been in mind and more importantly, halfway done in my kitchen, dining room, living room, garage, etc… that need to be completed. I’m going to slow down, do what I can (when I can), enjoy my children, and finish things. My husband even joined in on my DIY interest and wants to help me finish some of the larger projects! And what I mean by “help me” is that he’ll be doing the heavy lifting while I sit and point. But in all reality, I’ll probably TRY to climb the ladder at eight months pregnant but will quickly be talked down — or else!

I do have a few things in mind to show you this week and I’m anxious to take some photos!
Lots of love,

Daddy’s Day Surprise

Happy Fathers Day to all daddies out there! We had the best day enjoying time with our little ones. Adi helped me make a cake for my husband and I was able to pull off a surprise project for his office. I’m so excited to show you!

Have you heard about the $5.00 engineers print that Staples offers in their print department? I got my inspiration from Pinterest here:

Basically, I took the kids outside with their “I Heart Daddy” chalkboard sign and took some photos. The same day, I sent my photo to the local staples copy center and ordered the engineers print in 3’x4′. The print was ready in minutes.

I then had a thin light-weight board cut to size at home depot. A little wood stain, adhesive spray, and mod podge later and voila!

Daniel LOVES it and now he has a large statement piece for his office at work. We’re sure to get some looks when we haul it into the office! Maybe we’ll hang it after hours… hmmm.

Hope your day was as lovely as ours was!

Lots of love,

What do I do with all these hard boiled eggs?

Wow, what a night! After greeting a lovely client who stopped by this evening to pick up my beloved Wentworth – An Office Desk with Personality, we heard screams coming from the girls’ room. Our sweet little Gabby had a gash on her eyebrow that looked like she was nearing the third round in a boxing match. The culprit? A flying little mermaid Barbie thrown from across the room. My husband is off to the ER for what most likely will be stitches for Gabby — she’s such a tough little girl!

The house is finally quiet now that Titus is asleep in his bassinet, and I’ve been thinking about sharing this recipe with you all week — now’s my chance! :)

Easter is getting further and further behind us. Do you have dozens of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge like me? I figure we only have a few days left of life in them, so the question is… how do we use them and avoid dumping them in the trash this weekend?

Our family has been eating a LOT healthier lately. I’ve altered the classic Egg Salad recipe to get rid of a lot of the unnecessary fat and add in some extra nutrients — and boy, is it yummy! I think this version is way better than the standard and I will say for a fact that we will never go back!


12 hard boiled eggs
1 avocado
3/4c Smart Balance mayonnaise
1 ear of corn
1c finely chopped red cabbage
Sea salt
Cracked pepper
2 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp mustard
Optional: garnish with paprika

1. Mash avocado with a fork and place in a large bowl. Add mayonnaise, lemon juice, and mustard. Mix together. By using avocado in the recipe, you are eliminating the need for the amount of mayo used and thus cutting out a lot of the fat content. Since mayonnaise is still in the recipe, I like to use Smart Balance mayo (much healthier alternative).

2. Chop egg whites and add to the bowl. I’ll usually throw in one of the yolks for flavor. The yolks are very high in fat, so sticking to just egg whites is best.

3. Slice the corn off the ear and place in bowl. Add chopped red cabbage. The corn was left over from our Easter dinner and was a little charred from the grill — this added great flavor! And the red cabbage had a little crunch that added just the right amount of texture to the recipe.

4. Mix everything together and add salt & pepper to taste. This is when I suggest to check the consistency and add more of an ingredient to your liking (if necessary).

5. Serve on toasted bread and garnish with a little paprika! Yum!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we have! Until next time…

Lots of love,

Introducing… Titus James!

Yes, I’m still alive! On Monday, March 19th, we were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby boy! Let me introduce you to Titus James!

He’s just perfect, and we are all doing well! He surprised us and was breech, so we were taken in for a C-section upon arrival to the hospital.

Recovery is slow but steady and I’m hoping to get back to some projects soon! My husband has to go back to work tomorrow… which means I’ll have all three kids (four-years-old and under) on my own all day!

Right now, I’m just enjoying my handsome baby boy and looking forward to restoring some sort of normalcy.

Lots of love,

Two years and counting…

Happy Birthday to our little Gabriella Grace! Today marks her second birthday. My little spunky two-year-old has a personality of her own, and nothing melts me like that smile.

This is how I remember her two years ago.

And this is Gabby today. My, how she’s grown!

Happy Birthday, Gabby! Mommy and Daddy love you to pieces!

Lots of love,

I’m back!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little absent lately from posting on the blog. We just got back last night from a wonderful trip to California visiting family and friends for Thanksgiving. I have nothing crafty for you this evening — I just didn’t have enough time to get it together. I’m sure you all can relate to that. :) So I thought I’d share some of the highlights from our trip. (Tomorrow, I have something really awesome to show you!)

We stayed at my mother-in-law’s house in Pacifica, CA for most of the trip in addition to Thanksgiving day. (She lives just two blocks from the beach!)

It seems odd to say my mother-in-law since she is practically my mother — sounds so formal. Anyway, she gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted with the Thanksgiving dinner table. So I took her up on her offer! I only had 24 hours to pull it together so things were kept rather simple. I know everyone is in the Christmas mood (so am I), but — if you will — humor me as we reflect back to Thanksgiving one last time. After all, we should be thankful all year round, shouldn’t we? And maybe some of these ideas can be used for your Christmas table if you are in a spot to pull something together last minute.

Greenery for the centerpiece was cut from a beautiful tree in the front yard, and accessories used were recycled from what she already had.

Remember the table cloth of memories idea? We did it and it was a huge hit! To kick things off, I first drew a turkey and wrote the year to mark the beginning of the tradition. You can find the full project description here. A quick trip to Jo-Anne’s for the table cloth fabric and muslin used as place-mats did the trick.

I also found these cute little chalk board ornaments that I used as nameplates. These will be repurposed and I have just the perfect project in mind. Stay tuned :)

The kids table was basically purchased from the dollar store. Packing paper used as a table cloth and a basket full of crayons to keep them entertained during dinner. Also, a bag full o’ goodies!

Hear the choir of angels singing? I did when I saw this turkey! It was soooo good! My mom sure can cook a turkey!

Well, I see that this post is getting a little long and I still have more to share. So I shall say: “to be continued…”

Lots of love,