Joy in the Ordinary

I’ve had zero time for projects or painting. Instead, my week has been filled with dishes, laundry, cleaning, organizing, diapers, more laundry, character training, scrubbing, trying to fit in some exercise, cooking, prepping for a garage sale, more laundry, kissing owies, grocery shopping, and yes… more laundry.

laundry  I




Then I noticed a little grumbling in my heart when both the refrigerator and dishwasher broke down at the same time [face palm]. But, I have decided to choose joy!

Psalm 115:1  I



Lots of love,

One thought on “Joy in the Ordinary

  1. sharon

    even the picture of your laundry looks pretty! hang in there, in no time
    at all your littles will be all grown up and you wont remember a thing
    about the laundry or dishes. have a good week!


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