The Psalm Desk

This past weekend I had the opportunity to do a very special project for a very special Mother-in-love! The family was down for Thanksgiving and we happened to stumble upon the perfect desk to refinish for her – exactly what she had been looking for and we got to customize it just for her! Before I show you… I must state a disclaimer: I apologize for the awful photo quality!!! It’s kind of embarrassing, but I really want to show you the desk. Normally, I take photos in afternoon lighting and stage better, but this was a 24 hour turnaround and they had to take the desk back to California the next morning, so I snapped a few quick photos as best as I could.

Without further delay…

This piece was painted with a custom mix of Behr “”, distressed, and finished with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

We decided on a scripture reference to accent the desktop in Gold Leaf! Psalm 34:1, “I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth”.

Original brass hardware was preserved and was a nice accent to the gold leaf!

Lots of love,

4 thoughts on “The Psalm Desk

  1. tracy a

    Yes, great indeed! I am wondering if you have the head space to chat a little about AS wax. I have had a terrible time with it. I’ve talked with one other blogger who finishes a lot of furniture and she said she prefers other wax brands as well. Any tips or tricks to share? Thank you!!

    1. Lori

      Tracy, I have just completed my second chalk paint project, and it is gorgeous. I just finished it up with dark wax and it worked beautifully. I used old ochre followed by clear wax and buffed the heck out of it until it actually shone. Then, I applied the dark wax with a wax brush and wiped it back with cheese cloth. The cheese cloth removed any excess, and in fact, I had to let the wax set up just a bit to get the desired darkness. I kind of think that the trouble people have with the dark wax is that their sufrace is too rough, and it wants to stick and not come off. Anyway, buff, buff, buff, and then apply the dark wax., and wipe off with cheese cloth. The texture grabs the excess better than other fibers.

    2. becauseiliketodecorate

      Good tips Lori! I really love the AS Wax! Make sure your cloth is lint free. Also, it helps to use a little muscle when buffing to get more of a shine. Send me an email (sidebar link) and we can chat back and forth. What specific issues are you having with the wax?


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