Fall Cleaning & A Sale

So what in the world have I been up to? Well, I got to a point where I looked around the house and saw unfinished project after unfinished project and piles of just “stuff”. Call it what you will, nesting, the second trimester burst of energy. I just know that I felt cluttered and overwhelmed and like I just wanted to clean house! For the past few weeks I have been doing just that. I call it “Fall Cleaning”, Room by room, closet by closet, drawer by drawer — nothing left unsorted. I have made huge progress, but don’t feel like I’m done yet. I feel the need to look at each room with fresh eyes after all the extra junk has been cleared out. Do you ever feel like that?

~ Loving these vintage inspired graphics! Found this one on Pinterest. But in all seriousness, we all feel like doing this at times! ~

Source: pinner.in via Carlos on Pinterest

This is my process; I’ve found that I can place all the “stuff” into three categories. #1) Projects to be done. This would include thrift store/ Craigslist finds waiting to be painted, restored, changed, transformed! #2) Decor items that are used for staging, or that I have kept around in hopes to use when I finish decorating each room. These items don’t necessarily have homes yet. #3) Things to get rid of. We all have these things. If it hasn’t been worn in a year or more, it’s probably time to purge. I have also found that I’ve been hanging onto decor items that I just don’t fancy anymore. Everything is going into the garage, so that the house is clutter free! From there, I will be organizing the garage and sorting what to sell, donate, or keep in an organized manner. That’s the plan anyway! Everything else left in the house must have a home!

Which brings me to the sale portion of my post. I’ve learned a few things since refinishing furniture for resale. I LOVE painting, I really enjoy sharing my artwork with others, andĀ  it’s very hard to sell an end table. Dressers, dining tables, coffee tables, buffets all fly out the door before my paint brush is dry. But, it seams that nobody is interested in an end table. Lesson learned and to your benefit, if you live locally. I have two end tables available that have been featured in previous posts. Check out my SHOP page for photos and links. Make me an offer and they are yours!

A few more random things to share…
1. I am now a blonde again! Photo to be updated shortly :)
2. We are painting our kitchen cabinets this weekend!!! SO EXCITED! And of course, can’t wait to share!
3. I have some completed projects in the girls’ room to share with you.
4. I’m homeschooling Adi for Pre-K this year and loving it! Been also working on the playroom/schoolroom setup.
5. My husband is taking me to London in December!
6. I’ve recently been reminded how much I enjoy doing puzzles. Yes, I’m a nerd. My husband doesn’t share this passion. Haha!
7. In my opinion, my kids are the cutest, smartest, most beautiful, most precious babies on the planet!
8. Homemade laundry detergent round 2 was a success! Another thing to share with you.
9. Pinterest is both inspiring and depressing at the same time. Do you feel the same way?
10. It’s not a good idea to drink coffee this late at night. I wonder when I’ll finally fall asleep???

Lots of love,

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  1. tracy a

    I totally agree about Pinterest. I love the way it inspires, but I also hate how it leaves me feeling like I haven’t hit the mark. So, I take it one day at a time…try to create things that make life beautiful and that honour our God!


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