Finders Keepers

Greetings friends,

This is my first post from my cell phone! Pretty cool huh? Partly because all the photos I need are on my phone and partly because I’m exhausted from this busy busy week and I don’t wish to move off the couch! :) I thought I would introduce you to some recent thrift store finds which will soon turn into new projects!

I scored this box of wall paper rolls for only $5 — super psyched about the stripes! My mind has been racing with so many ideas. (Furniture drawer liners, mod podge, wall art, thinking about backing some bookshelves for the play room…) The possibilities are endless!

Remember the poker table I told you about? Well here she is! I don’t think I will fully paint this one, maybe just a color wash to update the wood-tone.

I found this oversized coffee table for only $15 at my local Salvation Army, and guess what… It’s a vintage Henredon! Don’t kill me, but I think I’ll paint her. Or maybe silver leaf the table for a modern look. Yes, that’s it!

I have more to show, but I must save some surprises for another day.

Lots of love,

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