The Girls’ Room Progress 1.4 – Toddler Bookshelf Wall

Before I get to the goods, I wanted to share with you that baby boy Spitzer should arrive any day now!!! Lately, my days have been filled with last-minute Baby’s R Us runs, putting the swing together, washing and putting away all his clothes, etc. Who knows, maybe my next post will be introducing our little guy. :)

When tackling the toddler bookshelf, I had a couple different options before me. I thought about constructing and painting the shelving myself — the cheapest and most time-consuming option. Then I remembered a couple Pinterest options I had seen where IKEA spice racks or picture shelves were used for this purpose. So, I went to IKEA and really liked the picture frame shelving. And I REALLY liked the no-wood-cutting, no-painting, and no-assembly-required part!

On a normal day, I may have penny pinched and spent the time to try and make something myself. But since I’m 8+ months pregnant, $15 per shelf didn’t seem like that big of an expense. And all I had to do was open the package, level the shelf, and screw it to the wall. Done!

The girls LOVE it! Adi keeps bringing me books and telling me that she found a new one that we didn’t have before.

I love that the bookshelf doesn’t take up valuable floor space, and it creates a nice visual for the wall. It’s like artwork and storage in one! :)

I have just a few more elements to finish in the room before I show you the complete reveal. If you missed the design planning and inspiration for this room, It can be seen here.

Lots of love,

6 thoughts on “The Girls’ Room Progress 1.4 – Toddler Bookshelf Wall

  1. Anonymous

    I like the fact the kids can see all the books, instead of just the binding on a book shelf.. I would have spent the extra $$ also! Great addition MaryAnxious to see that little bundle of baby boy :-)Auntie -V

  2. schanze

    i just had a question for you. I have done polka dots before for my kidss room, white wall with orange and green polka dots, believe it or not i didnt use any measuring tools and they came out perfect. my question to you is, di the two coats of pink work on that dark wall? coincidently, my girls’ room is also dark brown and hot pink and i am afraid to colour on top of the dark brown because i’m not sure if i would need 2 or 10 coats!!!! also what kind of paint brush did you use? or DID you use a paint bursh or something else to colour the dots in?

    1. becauseiliketodecorate

      I used Behr Ultra which is a paint and primer in one and a good quality Purdy angle brush. I really think the quality of the paint made a huge difference to complete the dots with only two coats. Hope it works well for you! :)

  3. cc

    Love the colors and the shelves. The total look is amazing. Can I ask where you found the shelves? I have been looking all over for something similar and I’m not having any luck. I’m 6 weeks away from my due date and simply don’t have the time to make something and paint it. Thanks

    1. becauseiliketodecorate Post author

      Hi Angela, No, there is enough space on each shelf that they lean against the wall quite well. I haven’t had any trouble books falling. :)


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