A Salvation Army Find & A Little Humor

We went to the Salvation Army thrift store today to pickup a desk that I had previously purchased, and I stumbled upon a very ornate French-style coffee table and end table set for an excellent price.

Here’s a sneak peak:

The wood is in really bad shape, but I can totally see this painted and heavily distressed to bring out the detail. It also has what appears to be a marble-style tabletop inlay! This project will be fun!

Now, onto the humor… So we surprised Adi with a dollhouse for her 4th birthday. I went to Hobby Lobby (with my coupon, of course) and purchased a really nice two-story house. When I got it home I started looking at the assembly instructions. Check out what I read under “Recommended Supplies”:

Utility knife?? Fine toothed saw?!?! We immediately started laughing uncontrollably, then started to cry. :)  What are we in for? I haven’t opened the box yet — mainly out of fear — but Adi is really starting to get anxious. I’ll keep you posted on our progress. The fun part is that we get to pick paint colors and completely customize the house!

Lots of love,

4 thoughts on “A Salvation Army Find & A Little Humor

  1. Cindy

    How fun, a doll house to put together cannot be that difficult! But then again, maybe it can be.I love the coffee table! You can make it gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous

    I thought the humor would be the word "glues" as opposed to just glue. How many glues do you need? Have fun with that one. Can't wait to see the finished project. I know it will be beautiful!

  3. Ellie

    Gabbi, you left me hanging…..you painted your dresser with your homemade chalk paint but didn’t show us how you finished it (distress , wax, etc.) Can’t find it anywhere on your site. SOS Thanks.


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